They have an app for that!

They have an app for that!

Most business owners will tell you there just isn’t enough time in the day. And while we can’t create more time, we can work smarter. One way to do this is to utilize some great apps to help you organize your business’s books. Here are a few that are helping us make the most of the day:

Harvest – This is a great time tracking app for when you’re working on various clients or projects. With the simple click of a button you can track your time throughout the day. It allows you to bill from the program or sync with QuickBooks. A great tool to help your cash flow by billing as much as you can! (

Intuit GoPayment – With a small unobtrusive plugin to your smart phone, you can accept credit card payments on the go. Great for employees who are out of the office for sales. And this easily syncs with QuickBooks. (

Mileage Tracker – Whether you’re a contractor or business owner, there are huge tax savings in your mileage. But keeping a log can be a challenge. This handy app comes with a GPS and allows you to track based on itinerary or time. You can add multiple cars and track by client or job. At the end of the year or quarter, simply export to an excel spreadsheet. It’s also handy for expense reports. (

LogMeIn – Stay on top of your business with this app that lets you access your computer from your smart phone or Ipad. Allows you to access all the applications on your computer and save to both the computer and your device. Puts an end to that sinking realization that you left that file at the office. (