Household Accounting

Household Accounting

Household accounting can be overwhelming. But neglecting it can cost you financially and cause unnecessary stress. We are honored to offer household bookkeeping services to our clients. We don’t take for granted that our clients invite us into their home and entrust us with their personal finances. Our goal is take the stress out of household accounting and provide peace of mind.

We ensure all bills are accounted for and paid timely. In doing this, we also review the bills for any inconsistency or mistakes. We make sure all bills have arrived and call to request any expected bills if they do not arrive on time. All supporting documents are organized and filed correctly for accurate record keeping. We review bank and credit card statements for any unusual activity.

Some of our clients may use an accounting software such as Quicken or Mint to track their finances. We are proficient with the major accounting software platforms. Utilizing these tools can be a great help. We take care of importing and coding all transactions. This information can help track budgets and produce helpful reports. With this information we can answer such questions as, “How am I spending my money?” and “Could I be saving and investing more?”.

We are also available to advise on matters.  Especially as our clients grow older, their needs may change and they can relay on our years of expertise to help guide them. For instance, they might need to change insurance plans or take an additional plan to meet their current needs and anticipate what they will need the coming years.

We work closely with CPA’s and financial advisors to form a cohesive team with our client’s best interest at the forefront. Since we are carefully tracking expenses and organizing documents throughout the year, we make the process of gathering information for tax returns seamless.

So let’s take the pain and stress out of your household accounting by utilizing our services. We truly believe our services are a game changer for our clients.